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Purchased New Ford F150 last week. Papers were signed and a week later the finance manager called to say the deal fell through.

They said that Ford Financial wanted to raise the interest rate even though the contract was signed. We told them no and took the truck back! Then the Finance Manager and Sales Manager decided it was OK to cuss and insult my husband! had to threaten to call the Grand Prairie Police Department in order to get our old truck back!

This dealership is crocked and unprofessional.

Don't do business with them or you will also be sorry! We took our business elsewhere and got a better deal!

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Similar situation happen to my wife and I. Bought a 2011 used car on Saturday and they sales manager Carl called me on Tuesday to let me know THE DEAL FELL THROUGH.

Carl and Ronnie the "best finance guy they have couldn't help me. And they need there car back ASAP. It didn't matter to them that I live 50 miles from gp Ford and I can't get off work to fix there mistake.

Also they sure did want to close that deal on the last sale of the day and the last day of the month. So buyer beware!

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